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תמונה עם לוגו
Discount / Offer: 10%


We offer a variety of activities, particularly tubing ,snorkeling,watch the dolphins at the”fly on the water extreme cruise  ” speed boat,all the activities in one cruise! 

 shunit yacht is with three sun-tanning decks and can have 30 people.Since our yacht, Shunit, is the only cruise vessel in Eilat with an official kosher certificate, we are closed on Saturdays.

the cost for the “fly on the water extreme cruise  ” is 120 nis for person .

the cost for “shunit yacht” is 700 nis for 1 hour for 1-15 people , and for 15-30 people its 900 nis for 1 hour.

discount of 10% for “shunit yacht” and  “fly on the water extreme cruise “





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